I’m an HVAC Technician: Here’s Why Your Gas Bill Is So High — And How to Lower It

by Sean Damm

If you’ve opened up your utility bills and are wondering, “Why is my gas bill so high?” The answer to that question may vary somewhat based on your location or utility provider. But the primary reason is simple: worldwide demand for natural gas is up, and that means natural gas prices are up. In the U.S., a railroad labor shortage has led to a decrease in coal use and a corresponding increase in natural gas use, also contributing to higher gas prices. In addition, some utility companies had to buy more natural gas to deal with severe winter events in 2021, and the cost for that gas is passed on to consumers.

As a gas utility customer, there’s nothing you can do to lower the price of gas itself, but you can always try to use less gas to lower your heating bills. The first thing to focus on is heating because it accounts for almost half of your home’s energy use (if you use gas for heat). Next up is water heating, which accounts for about 19 percent in the average home. Other gas appliances, such as gas stoves, dryers, heaters, and grills, use relatively little gas, but you can still save money by limiting their use, at least while gas prices are sky-high.

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